How to Order?

You are just 5 simple steps away from your own LEDStore1.com’s LED signs!
1.Know you desired size or available space for the LED Sign
2.Know the types of message you want to display on your LED Sign: Text messages only, Picture messages, or text and picture messages. Depending on your need you can choose between one color, three color, and FC (16 million combinations) LED Signs.
3.Know your budget – need to balance between what you want to do and your budget to choose an optimal LED sign
4.Choose your resolution (pitch) depending on your need and your budget.
5.If you are not sure, you can contact us with above information. Our knowledgeable customer service will help you choose a right sign for you.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, Master, Amex, and Discover Credit Cards, and PayPal. No matter which way you decide to go, it is always simple and under strict secure transactions protocol! If you’d like to use another payment method, please contact us.

What is included in my package?

A Remote Controlled Sign – LED Sign, Manual, Indoor installation Kit, Battery.
A PC Controlled Sign – LED sign, Manual, Software, RJ45 Network Cable.

Which shipping carrier deliver my package?

All our products are shipped via UPS (Ground and Freight). All packages are insured and with tracking number. All the products are protected by our Damage Proof Quadruple Package. Most of orders will be shipped within one business day; few large sizes could take more days depending on its size

What is your warranty plan?

1 Year Full Warranty.
Full Warranty Covers Parts and In-Factory Labor
Limited Warranty covers In-Factory Labor Only

3 Year Full Warranty
Full Warranty Covers Parts and In-Factory Labor

What is your Return Policy?

7 Day Return Policy
If your product appears damaged during shipping, REJECT the package. If upon opening your package you find a manufacturing defect, please notify us within 7 days upon receipt of the item for a Full Refund. Returns for any reasons other than items damaged during shipping / manufacturing defects will have 10% of the original sign price deducted from the refund as a restocking fee as well as original shipping costs (This applies to Free Shipping offers as well, customers will be responsible for Return shipping)

30 Day Return Policy
After 7 days but before 30 days there will be a 20% restocking fee at all times and the original shipping cost will be deducted from the refund. The customer will be responsible for Return shipping as well as original shipping costs. (This applies to products with free shipping offers as well)